Monday, September 18, 2017

Yet Another Weekly

With all that happened last week, I guess it's no surprise that this week was a little bland.

It was another great week in Maryland.
We've also spent the better part of our p-day making bread with one of the senior sisters at her apartment so this email will be short.
We were able to meet with Adrian a few more times and he is very prepared and ready to be baptized in a few weeks :)
Paul is great as well! I've never had an area with so many people ready and willing to learn and keeping their commitments. 
I'm excited to be able to work and serve these people in the Maryland/DC area for another 6 weeks!!  I'll know this evening if I'll be spending that time in Kentlands or in another area that needs me!

~Sister Galli

Sis Sheffer loves skin care so we did facials with volcanic ash

Baking bread with Sister Tolman

Monday, September 11, 2017

From the Old West 🐴 to the Vatican ⛪️

...and everything in between!

So much happened this week, and thankfully I have pictures to go along with almost all of it :)

Our week started out quite normal but abnormally slow, especially at the VC where, since the temple is closed for the month of September, our visitors have been few and far between.  It has been pushing us to be a lot more creative with our time there and to work harder with our online contacts.  However, often times there are more sisters at the VC than computers, so sometimes boredom takes over and funny pictures result.

On Thursday night, we were asked by the stake primary president if the three of us would be willing to help out at a daddy-daughter activity. We, being missionaries, love to serve however we can and happily agreed.  The activity was Saturday night and the  theme of the activity was Old West, so we dressed up in our plaid (courtesy of Sister Yancey) and were the models to help the group know how to square dance.   We had a little bit more fun than we should have ;)

Sunday we helped with an Interfaith Unity Walk in DC.  There were about 20 missionaries that were allowed to help but we were in the group where our only purpose was to walk with the group and answer any questions about the Mormon faith.  During the walk, we stopped by a lot of Cathedrals and other houses of worship, including the Vatican Embassy. As some sisters were walking, they saw a small procession of cars and a limo coming down the street.  One of them joked saying, "That must either be a funeral or the President." Turns out it was the latter. Not only that but President Trump rolled down the window and waved to them.  #OnlyInDC

And even though our area is almost 100% residential, we took some time this morning to explore the Kentlands area.

Now for the more spiritual side of things.

We had yet another amazing lesson with Paul and Mireille as well as shared a meal with them.  They are my favorite family ❤️ Paul is progressing nicely and is continuously excited to be baptized come October.

We were also able to meet with Adrian two more times as well as he came to church yesterday!  We invited him to be baptized the last weekend of October and he said, "sooner the better".  :D

It's amazing to see how much the nature of this area has changed over the 14 or so months that I've been in the field.  God can get a lot of work done when we are submissive and willing to make sacrifices.

Keep being awesome!

~Sister Galli

We tracted in the jungle

At PetSmart because Sis Yancey was missing her bearded dragon

Sometimes the VC drives you to the point of insanity when only 18 people come during the entire day

The Trio

At the InterFaith Unity walk

Old West Trio

Monday, September 4, 2017

We Broke into the Mission Home 🔦

It was late Thursday evening. The three of us sat in the darkened car, eyeing the mission home, wondering how this was all going to go down. We finally got up the courage and made a mad dash for the front door, carefully carrying all the supplies we would need.  Getting through the front door was easy--no alarms activated.  We were in and out within 3 minutes.  Five minutes later, we were in the car, a few miles away with big grins of satisfaction on our faces.


This week was great!
On Tuesday, we were able to teach Paul again.  We taught the Plan of Salvation and invited him to be baptized October 7th, to which he replied "Why not? I can't be half-committed" :D  That family has been a miracle since day one and I'm so thankful I have the opportunity to be a part of it. I look froward to seeing what else Heavenly Father has in store for that amazing family.

Thursday was good too! Yes, we did in reality break into the mission home. It was quite easy seeing that they front door is always unlocked (hence why I'm certain Kentlands is the safest area in the mission). Our purpose was to leave snickerdoodle cookies for President because his birthday was on Friday and we succeeded.  He called to thank us afterwards :)   (thanks for the recipe Mom)

We were finally able to get in contact with Helen and she's moving.... so we'll see if we can still teach her or if we'll have to pass her, but a baptism, no matter which area, is always a point for Team Jesus.

We also got a referral this week for a kid named Adrian.  He's YSA, but the zone leaders thought he'd be best suited in a family ward, so we have the privilege of teaching him as well.  We only met and taught him briefly on Saturday, but we also have high hopes for him!

Remember, God is good!

~Sister Galli

Monday, August 28, 2017

Short Week

I'll skip the pleasantries this week and jump right into the meat.
This week's highlight was that we were able to teach Mireille's husband, Paul, the Restoration, and he happily accepted it all :) He's also been reading the French Book of Mormon that we gave their family and attends church every week with his wife and step-kids. I know I've said this a few times before, but it is amazing to be able to see the fruit of our labor being called back to my first area.  I'm so thankful for this opportunity.
Other than that, honestly, not a whole lot has happened.  Helen has been kind of MIA this week, but we hope to be able to track her down this week and find out what's up.
The weather has taken a strange turn here and is actually quite nice outside, when this time last year was so hot and muggy that I didn't know what to do with myself.
It's great being in a trio--never a dull moment!

~Sister Galli

The Trio

The Visitors Center has such nice glassware that never gets used..except by us :)

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Trio Transcends!

That sinking feeling you get in your chest when the clock hits 6pm on a Monday and you haven't sent out a group email for  that week. *gulp* Well, I'm alive and two weeks worth of missionary life to update you all on. How fun :)

So since I emailed last, we had Transfers! As expected, Sister Rawlins, Sister Wilcox, and I all parted ways, each getting a new companion.  However, what was the least expected of it all, was that I was transferred to be in another Trio, in my first area! So more likely than not, I will end my mission in the same area which I began. #LivingTheDream

My two new companions are Sister Yancey and Sister Sheffer.  Sister Yancey is from Firth, Idaho and has been on her mission for 11 months. Sister Sheffer is from Phoenix, Arizona and just finished being trained here in Kentlands, so I am greenie-breaking for the third time.  (What's funny is I also was the one greebie-breaking her I'm old).

I received a great welcome back into the ward with almost all the members remembering me and being genuinely happy to see me again. One of the main reasons they were happy is probably because I found a lady that got baptized, and since then, her three children have been baptized and her husband wants to be taught as well! It's nice to see the fruits of our work because it quite honestly doesn't happen all that often in life (and especially missionary life).

It feels good to be back on home-turf.

One of the Investigators now in this area is named Helen.  She's from Russia and the sisters knocked into her a few weeks ago.  We had a great lesson with her this week and she happily accepted the invitation to be baptized! It was especially cool because it was Sister Sheffer's first time inviting somebody to be baptized :) You can baptize in any area, people!

The weeks are flying by and they go especially fast when we work hard, which thankfully this transfer, I won't be dragging a companion along to do so.

Happy to be serving :)
~Sister Galli

This is an investigator named Thomas who we knocked into and he was great!
I believe he's on baptismal date now too :) 

S'mores in Carrollton before transfers.

The new Trio with Sis Yancey and Sis Sheffer

Solar Eclipse Day!

Bonus Pic from Sis Karren this morning!
Her grandson, Josh, is visiting and is friends with Hayden.

Monday, August 14, 2017

No Group Email Today

If you didn't get an email from Sister Galli today, you're not the only one. I was able to email back and forth with her during the day, but I'm guessing 6:00pm must have come too quickly and surprised her so she didn't get a group email sent out. So, I am going to summarize a few of the things she and I talked about today.
First of all, she was shocked to find out at transfers last week that she would be in a new trio (because of an odd number of sister missionaries) for the next 6 weeks, and she would be heading back to Kentlands, her first area. She is serving with Sister Yancey who is from Firth, ID and has been out for 10 months, and with Sister Sheffer who is from Phoenix, AZ and has only been out for two transfers (12 weeks). She said they are "greenie-breaking" her, which means she has been trained and is on her first transfer not being a trainee.
She said out of the five areas she has served in, she will end up serving in Kentlands the most. She served there for her first 4 transfers, and might possibly serve there for her last two. That would end up being half of her mission in the same area. She said it is strange to be back where she started, but she had a warm welcome back to the ward on Sunday. She was happy that most of the people remembered her, but the best part of coming back to the ward (and probably the reason she was welcomed back so kindly) was because of Mireille (the lady from Cameroon who they taught and was baptized). She said she is still very active in the church and her two kids who are in high school have gotten baptized. She also said her 20-year-old son came back from college for the summer and he got baptized, and her husband is back from Cameroon and they are teaching him. How cool for her to see the fruits of her labors - many missionaries are not given that opportunity after they leave an area.
She is optimistic about her new companions and is looking forward to being back in the Kentlands area!

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Trio Terminates

This Wednesday is Transfers again. They roll by so fast nowadays. Oh well, two more to go!
Sadly, we know that the trio will come to a sad end this week.  It has been some of the best days of my mission to be in a trio--who would have guessed? Though sidewalks definitely promote third-wheeling, the rest is great!

We've had the opportunity to teach a lot this week even though we were in the VC 4/6 days since the last p-day. We taught a young man from Cameroon this week who just lapped up the Restoration, agreeing with almost every point, and even accepting to be baptized if the Holy Spirit told him to. We also had many doorstep lessons that could certainly turn into future lessons soon. 

Carrollton is where my heart will always be and it was good to come to labor here for a few extra days.

~Sister Galli
Tracting in the rain

District Activity
P-day party ( all of the food starts with P)
Post activity, outside playing games in the rain

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Temple Day!

Today is Temple day! You all know what that means---! Limited time to email.
But to put his week simply, Thursday night, we got a call from President telling Sister Yang and I to pack our bags because the next day, Friday, she'll be in Kent Island and I'll be back in Carrollton until the end of the transfer.
So since Friday, I've had a blast being in a trio with two wonderful sisters in debatably my favorite area :)

Here's some trio Temple pictures.

Peace out

~Sister Galli

Sister Galli with Sister Rawlins and Sister Wilcox

Monday, July 24, 2017

It's a Quick One!

Quick update this week!
A past companion and I became Visitor Center Trainers which pretty much means we're just the VC director's secretaries. But we're happy to have the opportunity to serve the visitors center and the sisters there! :)

In other news, after a series of events, I will be spending almost all of the rest of the transfer in the Spanish program with some Hermanas that need some extra hands in their area.  They're baptizing like mad and so with my very broken Spanish, I'm happy to help!

Love you all!

~Sister Galli

Monday, July 17, 2017

Video Week Again!

For lack of time and motivation to type up a group email, here's a video of me. Enjoy!


To summarize the video (for the sake of the book):
- Not a lot going on in her area
-Doing a lot of tracting (knocking on doors)
-Yesterday they had a 'Why I Believe' fireside at the Visitor's Center, which usually consists of recent converts giving the opening and closing prayers, and a couple more sharing a brief testimony. Then there is usually a main speaker who is a well-known and possibly famous member of the church. She said Mario (her most recent baptism) was one of the people who bore his testimony and it was great. (I'll include a video down below for those of you who are interested.)
- She said they will be knocking more doors this week and they have the faith to find, they just need to find.
-Zone Conference is this week and they have interviews with the Mission President, so maybe she will have something interesting to talk about next week.

Epitome of our area

Boredom leads to creativity
Mario's testimony, Part One

Mario's testimony, Part Two

Monday, July 10, 2017

Another Day of the Grind

With this last transfer, our area got split in half and it was unfortunately not split evenly. We got the half with the mansions and mile-long driveways. It's beautiful and we never feel unsafe, but it makes slim pickings for missionary work.
But back in January, Elder Ballard gave an apostolic promise to our our mission that if we talked to 20 non-members a day, we would always have somebody to teach. So we've been putting that to the test.
This last Monday evening and Thursday evening, we did indeed find three new people to teach! 
This week has strengthened my testimony of living prophets and that their words are inspired. Not only that, but God can and will fulfill their words.  God isn't kidding when He says "prove me now herewith."
This week has been a lot of finding and and lot of Tracting, but it's been a lot of faithfully pushing through!

Hope you all have a great week!
~Sister Galli

Temple flowers
Video: Normal Maryland sounds

Monday, July 3, 2017

Baptism Number 4! 🎉

What an uneventful week leading up to an incredibly eventful weekend!

On Saturday, we were able to arrange so that all 7 sisters that helped teach Mario (back in Ft. Meade) could go to his baptism!  Sister Hadley and I swapped companions and we took the trek up to Ft. Meade Saturday evening.  After that it was a party. Once at the chapel, we began by taking pictures and smashing wine and other alcohol-containing bottles of Mario's in the parking lot (the video is included). Then the normal baptismal events took place.  All the sisters who taught him had a part in the program. Two giving the opening and closing prayers, three singing a musical number, and myself, I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.  Apparently while Mario and the sisters were making the program a few weeks ago, he thought it'd be fun to hear a talk from me because, when I was his missionary, we would always have super deep discussions.  So I felt very honored :) The ordinance went smoothly with Elder Spencer getting it all right on the first try (always a win). After getting all dried off and changed, Mario came back into the room and bore a powerful testimony that everyone knew he believed with all his heart. When the program was finished, everyone gathered to the parking lot for cookies, noise makers, and poppers because Mario wanted it to be a celebration. He also had dinner catered for his family and his missionaries of authentic Greek food that we ate in the gym. All-in-all and 110.9 miles later, it was one of the best days on the mission and a day I'll never forget.

Some days are freaking hard, but it's days like Saturday that make it all worth it.

~Sister Galli

Sisters Galli, Hadley, Hampshire, Greenhalgh, Lemperle, Rawlins and Bingham
at Mario's baptism

Each of these sisters played a part in Mario's conversion

Helping Mario get rid of his alcohol stash

Finding friends while tracting

District activity last week
Sand volleyball, frisbee golf, and lunch
Sister Galli and Sister Yang will be together for another transfer (6 weeks)

Monday, June 26, 2017

Picture Week 📷

Howdy all!
Not too much in the way of exciting news this week, but I do have a
fair amount of pictures from last p-day.
Tonight is call-outs which means I'll know this evening who my 9th
companion will be.  I can never hold onto them for very long, can I?
Haha, stay good and keep pressing on!

~Sister Galli

The zoo with the trio

Lunch at Shake Shack off Dupont Circle, my treat

Off to the mall 

I caught a firefly and put him in a jar. I'm now a true American. (Don't worry, I let him go shortly after)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

No email this week 🙁

Last week, Sister Galli mentioned that they had been given permission to go into DC on this p-day for Sister Yang's birthday. Because of this, they left early and got home after their p-day time had ended, so no official email this week. However, I have received pictures via text message from two different people this week, so I thought would post them here:

This picture of Sister Galli and Sister Yang was sent to my by a family from Ephraim, UT
who were on a road trip and visiting DC
So funny to see Hannah as the 'tall' one at 5'4" :)

Sister Galli with Sister Karren
(she was my kids' elementary school principal who is serving a mission in DC now with her husband).
I get these selfies from Sis Karren every time she sees Hannah at a meeting, etc. and it is such treat!
Definitely one of the perks of having a friend who is serving in the same mission as your daughter.

These three pictures were taken at a meeting with a visiting general authority  (Elder Brent H Nielson).
I'm guessing the VC sisters are singing, but I'm not sure.