Friday, May 20, 2016

First Official Email

I sent Hannah an email last night asking her all of the questions that I had hoped she would answer. I was pretty sure I would get an email from her today since it is her first P-day (preparation day - the day that missionaries do their shopping, laundry, writing home, etc).  I've never been more excited about an email message than I was this one. She sounds like she is doing great, which is such a relief as a mom. The last thing I want to hear is that my child is sad or miserable or homesick. I hope that a few pics will eventually accompany her letters, but for now I'll take what I can get. Here it is:

Hey Everybody!  I'm alive. Haven't lost my sense of humor yet either. #win

In the MTC your P-day I think can be any day of the week other than Sunday so that's why mine is Friday.

So just as a quick recap, I'm here for 4 weeks - until June 14 and here's why.
The normal stay for somebody speaking their native language is 3 weeks. However there's a special last week for any visitor center (Vc) mission.

My companion's  name is Sister Escobar and she's from Arizona.  She's coming to DC with me.  And there's my room that currently has 5 sisters in it, but supposedly the sixth is coming this afternoon.  We have yet to see, however.  All six of us are going to visitor centers.  3 of us to DC, one to London Temple VC, and one to some famous chapel VC in England. I'm pretty sure they set up your companion and roommates to all come and leave on the same day and ideally your companion is going to the same mission as you.

There were very little security checks.  They didn't check our rooms or bags at all. I totally could have taken my cat.  They just made sure I was who I said I was and that's it.
The bookstore here has absolutely everything you could imagine in it.
You also get an MTC card that gives you $8 a week on it to spend in the bookstore ($6 for elders, not sure why the difference).
You're expected to be with your companion 24/7 however, you don't have to be with your companion when you're both on your floor (which includes bathrooms, showers, and vending machines) which is so dang nice.

We're allowed to work out a few times a week but it won't be intense at all.  We're talking playing croquet and and other sports on the field, or using machines in the gym.  

However, tomorrow will be the first day I work out and I know I'll appreciate that time.  The rest of the time is a lot of sitting and eating and sitting and eating and sitting and eating and sitting and sleeping and sitting.... etc.  

I have to admit that I've gone for my phone quite a few times for various things from my flashlight to my camera. 

I didn't sleep very well the first night.  I got a top bunk right next to the AC vent so stick the skinny kid by the AC sounds like a good idea.  So come early if you want to claim a good bed.

But it's been crazy busy.  They really throw you right in.  Sink or swim.  Yesterday I was already teaching my first investigator (they're not real investigators, just actors, but they are acting out their real conversion story or conversion stories of people they taught on their missions so that's cool). I have another investigator to talk with tonight.  It's really scary.  

My tips are to really read and become familiar with Preach My Gospel and the Scripture Mastery in the Book of Mormon. However there's been very little traditional teaching in the classrooms.  So you already have to know your stuff before you get here.

You also go to the temple every P-day with your branch so that'll be so nice to just sit in the celestial room for a few.

Something that's been killing me is that they don't want you using the words guys, boys, girls, dude, man, etc so that's probably been the hardest adjustment to be honest. 

They aren't kidding when they say the spirit is so strong here.  Come ready to jump right in.

Love you all
~Sister Galli

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