Monday, June 27, 2016

First full week in DC

I woke up this morning to a short email from Sister Galli. That was a nice surprise! We emailed back and forth for a bit and then she had to leave to go visit the Holocaust Museum. I'm really glad that they make an effort to see the sights on p-day. It would be a shame to live there for 18-months and not have a chance to see everything.

I've been especially anxious to hear from her this week because her BF (boyfriend/best friend) had some big news for her and we all had to be careful not to spill the beans until she heard it from him. On Thursday he got his mission call, so he hurried and threw a package together for her so she could find out ASAP. He sent it overnight but I'm not sure when she actually got it. The way he told her was so cute! He sent a package with three little cans with pop tops inside a tube, numbered 1-3, with instructions to open them in order and take a guess where he is going after each can. The first one had a bunch of little animals that are in that country. She knew it was somewhere in Africa at that point, based on the types of animals. The second can had a shirt with the flag of that country on it, but without the luxury of Google she still wasn't sure where it was.

The third can was spring-loaded with glitter and had a tiny copy of his mission call in it, with instructions to open it outside :) She said that it would have worked except the can got stuck in the tube and the glitter spilled on the floor of the temple visitor's center - OOPS! (They'll be finding it for months!) Anyway, *drum roll*.....he is going to Mozambique (in southeast Africa, for those of you who don't have a clue where that is), and he will be speaking Portuguese. He had been on the fence about going on a traditional mission and had wanted to possibly do some humanitarian work in Africa instead. Well, after Hannah left on her mission, he made the decision that he was going to go as well and he took that leap of faith. He got exactly what he wanted and we are so happy for him! So that has been our excitement around here this week. Luckily everything worked out with her getting his package and she found out the way he wanted her to.

Now, back to Sister Galli. Her letter isn't very long this week and it sounds like some of the newness and excitement might be wearing off as she settles into daily life as a missionary. But at least there are a couple of good pictures, so as per our agreement I will water her plant this week ;)
Here's her letter:


It's humid.
It was only really to the point of unbearable today.  Today we went to
the Holocaust Museum in DC. So, it's kinda been a depressing day, but
it's a check off the ever growing bucket list :)
Near the Washington Monument

Coming home from the Holocaust Museum

The week was pretty good but relatively uneventful.  We had one lesson
with a member talking about missionary work.  Other than that, all of
our time has been taken up by sleeping, studying, eating, meetings,
the visitors center, or knocking doors.  This past week we've probably
knocked 30-35 doors, all of which were not home or not interested.
Only a few have been slammed so most people are decent.  The area is
pretty rough, but the ward is great :) lots of families.

The new mission president is coming in this week.  It'll be
interesting to see what he changes (hopefully he doesn't take away
sleep-in P-day)

I really wish I had more to talk about this week.  I guess if you have
anything else you'd like to know, I'm happy to answer questions.  I
don't have my iPad yet so it's a little hard sharing with my
companion, but we make it work :)

Remember, after the trial of your faith cometh the blessings :)

With much love
~Sister Galli

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