Monday, July 11, 2016

Everyone Has a Dog

Nothing funny or noteworthy for me to report this week, so I'll just go ahead and post her letter and pics:

Interesting how Monday's are the most hated day of the week except for
missionaries and their friends and family ;)

This week was, yet again, pretty uneventful.  We did however, have a
small miracle on Tuesday that I hope to be able to follow up on this
week :)
We were tracting in a neighborhood for over and hour and the second to
last house we knocked, an Indian man answered the door.  We did our
spiel on what our message was and instead of the usual "no I'm
not interested" he actually asked "Well, is it just you talking or do
you have materials?"  I was taken back, not knowing how to deal with a
positive answer, but Sister Williams and I were happy to give him a
Book of Mormon and our numbers :)
Hopefully that'll turn into something amazing in the future :)
But the lesson I've learned this week (and much of the past weeks) is
patience.  Everyone has the God-given gift of agency, and although
they may not accept the invitation to learn more about our church, we
have still been successful because our purpose is to Invite others to
come unto Christ.  And we have been doing just that.  :)

This last P-day and today we had a lot of fun.  Last week we went to
this awesome burger place called Shake Shack.  I don't like burgers.
This was delicious.  That's how good they were.

Today, we had a zone activity where we went to beach volleyball courts
by the Lincoln Memorial.  I'll have to poke through the pictures
of it this week and send the best ones next week :)

Also, fun fact about Maryland, there are more dogs than children.

With much love
-Sister Galli

At the Shake Shack with Sister Hadley last p-day (7/4)

Playing sand volleyball at a zone activity near the Lincoln Memorial (7/11)
She says that Sister Hadley is her unofficial exchange companion every p-day because their companions are best friends. Only a couple more weeks until she has her own iPad to use. I bet she can't wait. I'm just hoping that means more pictures.

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  1. I love it, more dogs then children. Sister Galli you are the best. You are a great example and you are right you are inviting him (them) to come unto Christmas ♡
    ~Shalise Benjamin