Monday, July 25, 2016

Why Am I Awake?

I am leaving for Girls Camp early tomorrow morning, so I'm busy getting ready today, but I wanted to get the blog updated before I left mainly because there are lots of good pictures this week. Here's her letter:

You may be asking yourself why I'm up at 5:30 am writing p-day emails.
To be completely honest, I wish I knew why.  But what you didn't know
is that my companion and one member of the other companionship we
always hang out with are off at the DC mall waiting for the sun to
rise over the Washington monument.  I had every intention to go with
them but the other member of the other companion wanted to sleep
instead.  This meant that I was getting up stupid early regardless to
be dropped off at their apartment.  *sigh* I've actually been awake
since 3 because of all this.   I think I'll hopefully try to fall back
asleep on the couch after I send this email because no one is on this
early to email me back (nor do I blame you).
But I can honestly say that this week was less eventful than last (if
it's even possible?).  After a series of events, including my
companion needing to go to the doctors' (don't worry, nothing serious
at all), we really only did missionary work at the VC.
I did run into two people I knew from Utah this week at the VC,
however, so that was a nice touch.

But this Wednesday marks the end of my first Transfer 😱
Every 6 weeks, we have transfers where every missionary in our mission
has the possibility of changing companion, area, or apartment.  We get
a call Saturday night telling us if we're leaving or staying, but
until Monday night, we don't know where those that are leaving are
going.  This transfer, I'm staying in my area, but my companion is
leaving.  It's strange because most companionships are together for 2
transfers on average, but there's no definite rules.  It's all
according to what God needs.

But hallelujah this week I finally got my iPad!  I waited over 60 days
for this thing and oh how distance makes the heart grow fonder ;)  but
it honestly has been really nice to not need to share a tiny iPad for
the very limited, precious hours on p-day.
On it, the app selection is very limited and very regulated, but
I did grab an app to help me relearn a little bit of Chinese because
there are so many Chinese people in our area and it'd be super useful.

Not too much to report this week.  I'm doing well (although this
weather is killing me) (why would somebody want to live here?) ;)
Hopefully my area will pick up soon and I'll actually have something
cool to email about :P

~Sister Galli

She said she's going to take a picture like this every week to see watch the writing wear off with use over time.

These are her two 'moms'. Sister McArthur (left) was assigned to be her first companion, but because she is from Haiti she can't drive here in the US. Hannah didn't feel comfortable driving there yet, so they assigned her to Sister Williams (right). Photobomb by the Elders.

Pooling their money to buy a cake at a charity auction.

She finally has an electronic device!

The handing out of the coveted iPads.

Riding the metro to the mall

Court of Appeals

A visit from Madi Michaels, one of the young women from our last ward, and someone who Hannah and I both adore. What a fun surprise!
This pic was actually from p-day a couple of weeks ago when their zone played beach volleyball near the Lincoln Memorial.

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