Monday, November 14, 2016

She Finally Broke Me 🎅🏼

Hello everyone!  I miss all your beautiful smiling faces :)
To be honest, I miss any smiling faces.  Nobody smiles in DC.
Especially after Tuesday (There are more democrats per capita in
Maryland than any other state).  But I digress!

Not a lot has happened since I emailed last week on Wednesday.  Friday
night ALL of our appointments fell through, which is a huge bummer,
but what can you do.

The decorations at the VC for Christmas are almost entirely done.
There's a lot of cool trees.  There's 12 or so trees in the VC (the
12ft tall kind) and two are decorated with dolls from all around the
world.  The other 10 or so are decorated by each of the surrounding
stakes each year.  I'll have to grab pictures of them this week,
because they're really cool to look at :)

The Chinese Elders had a baptism on Sunday and they invited our
investigators to attend.  Our family of 5 came and watched but they
had to leave quickly after, so we hope that when we follow up with
them, they'll have positive comments and maybe feel like it's right to
be baptized soon :D

~Sister Galli

I made it so close to going until after Thanksgiving before starting
to listen to Christmas music. Today Sister Watkins found my iPod and
started playing all my Piano Guys Christmas albums... So close...

One of the trees with dolls from around the world.
I bet ya can't guess why she chose this section to take a picture of....

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