Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bonus Blog Post

So, I (Natalie) found out yesterday that two of my best friends (Brooke Thompson and Brittany Weibel, who are practically sisters to me) both have plans to visit DC this month. I knew Brooke was heading up there in December to see the Christmas lights at the temple, but she ended up needing to travel up there this weekend for a funeral as well. Brooke only lives 5 hours away in NC, so it's not that surprising, but I also recently found out that Brittany (who lives in CO) has plans to travel there for a family vacation. WHAT?!? I guess that would be one of the perks of your child going to a mission that attracts tourists - VISITORS! In fact, she is serving in the VISITOR'S center at the temple, so that makes it even more convenient. With such short notice for Brooke's visit today, there was no way to let Hannah know and to hear back from her regarding her schedule at the VC. It was a matter of them just showing up and hoping for the best. Brooke said the traffic was unexpectedly light and they made it to the VC before the morning shift went home but just before the afternoon shift would be showing up, so both possibilities were covered.

She kept texting me pictures as they got closer. I was having serious butterflies at this point.

It seemed to me like they found her pretty easily and quickly. I was so thrilled!

Selfie first!
Love this pic! Notice the picture-perfect matching outfits :)
She hugged her and smelled her hair for me, just like I asked her to. She also took a few videos of her for me:

She told Brooke this is her favorite thing about the VC.
It's a model of what the temple looks like inside.
 Then, Sister Galli took them on a tour of the Visitor's Center.
Pioneer Women Past and Present art display

Apparently there's a 'house' in there.

Media Room
I saw more of the Visitor's Center in the hour that Brooke was visiting than I have seen in the 5 months that Hannah has been there. I guess she didn't think it would be interesting to us, but I love seeing where she spends her time. When you want something done, Brooke is your gal! 

Time for the Thompsons to leave, but they'll be back again in December to see the lights.

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