Monday, January 9, 2017

Snowed In! ⛄️

Hey one and all!
It finally started to look like winter this week!
This week, the kids got a snow day for snow dust on the cars.  None stuck to the roads. It was literally just dust.  You wouldn't have even noticed it if you didn't know to look for it.  People here are insane.
On Saturday it snowed 1-2 inches and people freaked out.  We were told to not go outside after 2 or so, not because all the Utahans and Idahoans don't know how to drive in snow, but because everyone else here has no idea what they're doing and they're dangerous.
So that was an adventure.
Temperatures have also started to consistently stay below freezing so it feels more like home.  So far, I personally haven't felt a difference in temperatures (east coast cold vs Utah cold).  But we still have all of January to go!
We went tracting for one of the first times this transfer and Sister Barr prayed for a miracle and 22 doors later, we did indeed get a miracle!  An older lady named Mandy opened up and let us in and let us share our message! Personally, it's the first and only time thus far that I've been let in to somebody's home and shared a brief message with them.  And I've knocked a lot of doors.  Her story mainly came down to that with a recent loss in her family of a dear pet and other circumstances in her life, this particular day is exactly when she needed to be found.  She admitted to us and to her friend the next day that divine intervention was definitely at play.  We haven't had time for our schedules to line up again where we can meet again, but she said she wanted to learn more.
Miracles happen, people! 
They don't have to be defying the laws of physics to be called miracles.
On Sunday, Maurice and his 3 kids came to church for Sacrament Meeting.  The 14 year old boy made a comment afterwards that really struck me.  When asked how he liked the service, he said, "it was different, but familiar."  Of course it was familiar to you! We all lived with our Heavenly Father before this life and going to a church service in His Church would definitely be familiar to your spirit.
Today we had a party at the mission home with all the sisters in the mission because of all our hard work during Festival.  Sister Shin worked all morning to provide us all with a Korean BBQ lunch and dessert.  It was fun to see everybody there and hang out.

That pretty much describes my week!
Transfers are on Wednesday and I personally suspect that I will be getting companion number 6!

Be safe now!
~Sister Galli

All of the sister missionaries
 at the mission home with the mission president and his wife 

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