Monday, January 23, 2017

This Work is on Fire πŸ”₯

This area was covered in oil, and putting Sister Vespucci and I in it was like dropping a match.

Hey Everybody! I hope you had a great week as I know I did.

I am Loving Carrollton!

We had 5 member-present lessons last week as well as 4 other lessons which was amazing in my opinion seeing that (discluding Visitor Center) we only had 12 hours in our area.

We also had 8 investigators at church yesterday πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽŠ That includes the 3 people that we have on baptismal date for next weekend. Our Gospel Essentials class was so full yesterday with investigators and recent converts that we had to move the class to the chapel.  #GoodProblemsToHave  Two families made up the pool of 8 investigators; the one is from Sierra Leone and the other is from Nigeria.

It's such a 180° switch from my last zone where you were happy to get one lesson a day and you were finding all the time, and now we're teaching lessons all the time and it's difficult to set aside time to find.

I may have literally fallen asleep on the floor during our dinner hour on Saturday because all of the teaching that we have been doing is exhausting, but we're on fire.

Sister Vespucci has been on her mission only one transfer less than me (So that puts her at right around 7 months out).  She's from Boston and Georgia (12 years and 6 years, respectively).  Although recently her parents have moved to Sandy, UT.  She's studying psychology at BYU and she's super smart. We're awesome together.

I love being companions with Sister Vespucci, and, by the sound of it, she feels the same. Ideally, I'd love to be companions with her for at least 3 transfers if not more, but I have only missed one transfer meeting since coming out here so who knows if that pattern will continue. But it's so much easier to be motivated to work hard when you like the person that you work with, y'know?

Keep being awesome, y'all!

~Sister Galli

Sister Galli with her new companion, Sister Vespucci (yes, she is related to Amerigo)

This picture was taken at a two mission wide conference (DC North and South)
with Elder Ballard and Elder Rasband

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