Monday, February 6, 2017

Party! πŸŽ‰

Three areas. Six companions. Nine months. Three African converts. One missionary.  Booyah.

This week is one for the books, my friends! Putting together a baptism is hard work!  You don't realize how much behind the scenes there actually is with those kind of things until your ward is tiny so the missionaries more or less have to do and/or arrange everything.  From the program to setting up the room to making sure your black investigators have white underwear--which they don't. But, despite all the craziness of setting everything up throughout the week, once the baptismal service started, everything went smoothly :) We had a lot of support from the ward (which means like 30 people came) (but that's like 1/3 the active members so) There was a lot of support from the ward.  The Elders even had an investigator attend so that was cool.

The baptism was so uplifting.  After they were baptized, they shared their testimonies and it even made the mission president tear up. Yeanoh said some amazing things like she knew that even though she'd been baptized two other times, she knew that this was the baptism that God would accept, and that she'd never deny her faith, even if confronted with death.  Those African women have so much faith.  It's awe inspiring.

This week, we were also able to start teaching one of Yeanoh's other kids whose name is John and he wants to be baptized as well. Hopefully his dad will be able to baptize him and not work that Sunday.

This area is a gold mine!  It feels amazing to bring in the harvest for the Lord :)

~Sister Galli

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Sister Galli and Sister Vespucci with their new converts, the elders, and President and Sister Johnson

Sister Galli and Sister Vespucci at the baptism of Mary and Yeanoh

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