Monday, February 13, 2017

Spring Dinos 🌷

Hey all! Video for this week. Enjoy!

Weekly update

Time lapse video of them cleaning the Sisters' Lounge

Playing the M&M game 
(You squeeze two colors together and see which one cracks. The other one moves on.)

'Thank you' note for cleaning the lounge.

Silver Springs Zone

Dinosaur carved out of a candle
To sum up her week, for the sake of the book:
- Had their first meal with a member in the area. She is from Sierra Leone and she made them a meal with traditional foods. She said it was different but good. (I think it's so ironic that Hannah is having all of these experiences with African people seeing as Tanner is serving in Mozambique.)
- Spent 5 hours cleaning the Sisters' lounge at the Visitor's Center.
- Checked on a referral but got to the street that marks the end of their area and realized it was not in their area. Pulled over to the side of the road to figure out what to do and decided to knock on the four doors near them. The first one wasn't home, the second one was a family from Honduras so they gave the referral to the Spanish elders, the third one was a white lady (the first white person they have really met in this area) who was concerned for their safety (which scares me a little), and the fourth one was another hispanic family who they referred to the Spanish elders.
- Mary and Yeanoh (the ladies that were baptized last week) were confirmed members of the church on Sunday. She said that was wonderful to be a part of.
- Had interviews with the Mission President on Friday. He made it sound like they will be companions for another transfer, and he suggested that he would likely be sending both of them 'outbound' at the same time, which means they will be full proselyting missionaries (so they wouldn't serve in the VC) for one or two transfers. 
- She loves this area. She said the people say 'hi' when you pass them on the street (something that doesn't happen in the DC stake, which is a more affluent area).

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