Monday, September 12, 2016

Bambi Took Place in Maryland 🌲

Happy Fall one and all!  
Well, kinda.  It still gets up to 95° here every day, but the sun is setting earlier, so it gets down to a comfortable 86° by the time we're heading home.🙃
Our air conditioning broke again this week so we set up the space cooler again #InRecordTime

But as for the news you've all been reading this email for, I have been training this week!
The trainees arrived safely Tuesday afternoon and we got to meet them and be assigned this Wednesday.  My companion for this transfer is.... *drumroll* Sister Watkins.  She's from West Jordan.  Her personality reminds me a lot of Brandon (my brother)--very yellow (color code).  Not as perfect of a match as Sister Minguito and I, but we still get a long and laugh a lot... Probably too much.
Fellow missionaries, it is the weirdest flipping thing going from being trained to training with no time in between.  One day it's like, ah, the senior companion will handle it to, Ah! I'm the senior companion and I have to handle this.

Every transfer (6 weeks) our VC schedule changes, and this transfer, we'll have a lot less time in our area, so it'll be difficult to get in everything that we need to do.
Our golden Polish family has consistently come to church for the past three weeks but have been super busy throughout the week that we haven't met with them to give them a formal lesson.  We hope to meet with them Saturday to help them unpack and teach the Restoration.

A few last things before I wrap this up.
One, now that I'm the senior companion, I'm driving us around everywhere.  
Two, Maryland drivers are crazy.  
Three, this mission has one of the highest rates of auto accidents (mostly missionaries being rear-ended or hitting deer). 
Four, I haven't gone an entire day in Maryland without seeing at least one deer (but it's usually closer to 4/5). 
All these facts are leading up to while I was turning on the on-ramp to get on the freeway (accelerating, mind you), three deer decide it's a good idea to run across the road.  Luckily I saw them in time to hit the brakes really quick and thank goodness no one was behind me.  #MarioKartTaughtMeFastReactionTime
Everyone survived the encounter, including us, the car, and the deer, but the deer won't last much longer if they're stupid enough to dash across parts of the freeway. #NaturalSelection #SadButTrue 

Remember, the Church is True, the Book is Blue, and God loves You!
~Sister Galli

Final picture being Sister Minguito's companion
(Hannah says she misses her a lot. They only see each other for a few minutes every other day now.
She misses her wisdom. Hannah said, "She'll be one of those people I'll be friends with throughout life and in the eternities". As a mom, it warms my heart to hear her talk about her trainer this way.
I thank my Heavenly Father for putting this amazing person in Sister Galli's path.)  

New companion, Sister Watkins from West Jordan, UT

Random selfie with Hermana Ruiz de Mendoza, who is also from Spain
They are doing some exterior work on the temple and Moroni came down for some TLC

Some of the VC sisters with the Angel Moroni in the background

For size reference

Many of the VC missionaries
#NoFilter #NoNothin'

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