Monday, September 5, 2016

Enter Player 5 🎮

 Let's see... I'll start with the more routine news and then end with the most exciting news so just scroll down if that's all you read these emails for.  #NotJudging #We'reAllBusy

This week has certainly been one for the books.  A lot has happened in a very short amount of time.
First off, a funny pattern I've noticed for P-days.  Three weeks ago, our apartment didn't have wifi, two weeks ago was no water, last week was no AC, so I'm really "excited" to see what basic necessity we will not have access to today. Woo! #GhettoApartments #WestSideLyfe

We were able to help our Polish family this week make their frantic move out of their black mold infested apartment on the 31 before midnight.  Best news of the week is that they were indeed able to rent the townhouse they've been looking at starting the 15th of September and it's still in our area. 🎉
We still haven't put them on baptismal date but we hope to this week :)

We were also able to meet with CJ again.  He's so solid.  We had planned to teach him the restoration (as it's the first lesson) and he already knew it so well down to the details that we usually don't even share the first lesson, so we just taught to whatever he had questions about.  We invited him to be baptized October 1 and he accepted.  Although, we suspect he doesn't live within our area and, therefore, can't baptize him in our congregation (mission rules) but I'm counting him as someone I've helped be baptized  :)

We received a sad email last night with a huge long list of new rules being implemented staring today.  Most of them make sense and will make us all better missionaries and more effective, but some I outright disagree with like the fact that, now, we are only allowed to go to the city once or twice a year...........
I have no desire to be a disobedient missionary as I know obedience brings blessings, but that doesn't seem right to me.  We are a stone's throw from the Capitol of the World and we aren't allowed to see it?  And some of us will never have the opportunity to ever see it again.  I'm going to write a concerned letter about it to President and hopefully he'll reconsider it.  But as for now, I'm obedient and therefore, there will be a lot less pictures being sent to all of you as we will be doing a lot less picture-worthy things.  My apologies.

As for the more exciting parts of life, transfers are on Wednesday and I got a call last Thursday. We had called president Johnson earlier that day because we had a couple of difficult questions, so when he called us back later that night, that's all we expected it to be about.  But he answered our question and then said he had been praying a lot lately and had taken 'this' matter to the Lord (had no idea what he was talking about), but that he had received revelation that both Sister Minguito and I are to be trainers next transfer. 
Y'know what a cat looks like when it gets scared, with all its hair standing on end?  That's how I felt.  It just caught me so off guard.  To be honest, I said yes then passed the phone to Sister Minguito and then the next 15 minutes after that I have no idea what was said.
In the mission, you are trained for two transfers (12 weeks) and then you're just a normal missionary unless you get called to be a trainer.  All three of my trainers are going home this week or in 6 weeks, so I'm used to the idea that trainers are the experienced, seasoned missionaries towards the end of their mission.  I've been out less than two transfers.  Help.  Many prayers please. 

With that being said, this week I'll receive my 5th companion (which is so not normal).  The list thus far consists of Sister Escobar, Sister McArthur, Sister Williams, Sister Minguito, and now this new sister.  Most sister missionaries have 5-7 companions total throughout their mission.  Let's see if I can break the record for most companions over the course of my mission.  Woo!

I hope you all have a great week!

~Sister Galli

It was the director of the Visitor's Center's 50th wedding anniversary, so they did this to his office

Riding out the lack of central air for 5 nights like this

District picture

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