Monday, October 31, 2016

Frenzy with Furry Friends 🐭

Happy Monday, all!
I hope you all are well rested for this great Halloween evening.  We
will be spending it in our apartment studying the scriptures...with
candy! :D

The biggest fiasco we had this week was that in a single 24-hour
period, we've caught 4 mice and will most likely catch a few more
before too long.  They're doing a lot of work on our apartment complex
so that's probably where they came from.

Something that's really excited this week is that we put our tracting
miracle, Mireille, on baptismal date for December 17.  She could be
baptized a lot sooner, but she wants her husband who works in Cameroon
to be here to support her.

Our family of 5 still comes to church and church activities regularly.
(I wonder if they've fallen into the eternigator category yet?)
(Eternigator = eternal investigator).  We've been starting to meet
with them more often and yesterday we took them to the VC for a lesson
on temples.  We ALMOST got them to commit to a baptismal date.  They
just don't understand the importance of the priesthood fully.  We'll
get there.

We've seen miracles with these investigators this week so please keep
praying for them!

That's pretty much the extent of the news for this week.  This morning
we had a three-hour meeting about how we're going to handle Festival
of Lights--where on the temple grounds there are Christmas lights on
every tree (Like Temple Square) and the VC has nativities and trees,
etc.  I can't say too much, but the Church is coming out with some
pretty cool videos for this Christmas season :)

Until next week! (On Wednesday instead of Monday because we'll be
going to the Temple)

~Sister Galli

Car selfie

Eating ice cream with other sisters in their surrounding area

Sister Galli and Sister Watkins accurate door mat

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