Monday, March 6, 2017

Knock Knock 🏠

This week we had a ton of miracles, including finding tons of new people to teach!
Tracting is dangerous in this area because when people answer the door, 
they're interested.  (<----- Good problem to have).  Not all the time of course, but a much higher percentage than any of my past areas.
On Tuesday, we did what we call Chalk Talk, where we go to a public place and draw something on the sidewalk with chalk, like the plan of Salvation, and then get people's attention and talk to them about what we drew.  It's a very different way of contacting that gets a lot of attention.  The Elders in our ward came with us and they contacted while we drew.  They got the contact info of about 15 people which is amazing!
P-day is running short, but I will share one more miracle. We were going to an apartment community to check on three old referrals in three different buildings.  The first one wasn't home. As we were walking to the second building, we saw a guy on his balcony smoking, so we said hi as we walked into the building.  That referral wasn't home either, but Sister Vespucci said we should talk to that guy on our way out.  However, when we left the building, he had gone back inside.  Bummer.  We went and checked on the third referral; also not home.  On our way back to the car, this guy on the balcony was out again so we struck up a conversation with him and actually had a great lesson!  He felt like God had led us to him that evening and he wants to come to church!  Everything that he said reflected something that the Gospel of Jesus Christ could help him with like he wanted to go to a church that wasn't' run by money and that he recently picked up smoking after his mom passed away.  He even insisted twice that he give us his number so we could meet with him.  He's awesome.  His name is Lovell.  We'll hopefully meet with him again this week.
But the miracles are everywhere in Carrollton!
Pray we'll be led to those who want to change and become better through Christ!

Love you all!
~Sister Galli

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