Monday, March 27, 2017

The Saints Keep Marching On

(The subject line is a pun, see?  Because it's the end of March? 🙃)

Well I guess we can say that our week was a lot less hectic than the past two which was a nice break and a good change of pace.
We had a ton of cancellations and more than a sufficient amount of time to tract, and we found a lot of new people to teach while we were at it!

There are at least 15 unlocked (<--key word) apartment communities in our area and so it's nice to tract there for many reasons. 
1. They're very transient
2. It's where the humble people are
3. The doors are all really close (don't have to waste time walking from house to house)
4. The doors are paper-thin, so you can hear if somebody is home on the inside.
However, it's not efficient to knock more than one door per floor because all the neighbors can hear your conversation and then they don't open the door when you knock theirs.  Sad, but true. 
So, being my logical self, I devised a tracting log where every apartment of every building of every complex has a line designated for them in a notebook.  That way we can knock 3 or 4 doors per building, and then come back to that same building another time and know who we've already tried.  Just trying to make the world a better, more efficient place.
An easy way we've found to contact people is to ask them where they're from (especially when they're obviously from some part of Africa).  They'll tell you the country and then we ask them what tribe.  At this point they're shocked that we even know that their country has tribes within the nationality.  However, the part that we've started to initialize this week is that after they tell us what tribe, we attempt to say hello in that tribal language.  We currently have that much down in Nigerian Igbo, Nigerian Yoruba, Sierra Leonian Creole, and Ghanese Tre, which makes up about 90% of the Africans we meet.  Almost every time (if not every time) they've then asked if we've been to their country to which we sadly reply that we haven't but we'd love to go some day.  They then ask us how we know their language and we reply that we're missionaries and that a lot of member of our congregation are from their tribe/country.  At this point, we usually then start into the normal missionary questions like, do you have a faith in God, do you attend a church, or would you want to have a Bible study sometime.  They're not always interested, but they always walk away happy with a good view of Mormons.
It's so easy because it happens like that every time.  It just takes memorizing a few phrases.  Who would have guessed.

Our Thursday, however, was packed to the brim.  The morning was a normal speed, but after District meeting, it was go, go, go til the end of the night. 
We had a chapel tour with an investigator we had met the day before.  Her name is Jasmine and she was an online referral.  She was looking on YouTube for some Christian music to listen to and a ad popped up.  So after exploring for a while, she decided she wanted to learn more from missionaries and submitted her information.   We taught her the restoration Wednesday afternoon and then has the Elders over the Young Single Adult (YSA) ward give the three of us a tour of the YSA ward's chapel.  We unfortunately had to pass her because she's a young single adult and therefore, the Elders should be the ones teaching her. 
Next, we had a lesson with a 12 year old girl named Madeline again and we talked about the Book of Mormon and it's importance.  She's so in tune with the Spirit.
Third, we had yet another AMAZING lesson with Suzannah.  That girl is beyond prepared.  We taught the Plan of Salvation, or God's plan for us, and although we taught it very simply, it turned into a very deep discussion because the questions she had were very deep (Imagine a somebody in 1st grade asking you a 10th grade question).  Afterwards she walked us to our car (AGAIN) and as we were leaving, she said she looked forward to the time when she can be a member.  (Internal squealing).  THERE ARE PREPARED PEOPLE OUT THERE!  Go find 'em!

She also came to church this Sunday with Jack (her less-active boyfriend) and she loved that too!  At one point, she introduced herself saying that she wasn't a member yet.   She has every intention of being baptized and I so look forward to that day :)

We also had interviews this week with our Mission President and wife, and President more or less told me that I'll be going back to the VC and my companion will be staying in the area, but he's known to go so far as to promise things and then change everything the morning of transfers, so I honestly don't know.  But, since the next transfer day is on April 5th and my Birthday is April 8th, if you want to send me anything for my birthday, either send to the mission office or ask my mom where to send it (because I keep her more updated on things like that).

Not much more really happened this week, but I'm loving the mission more than ever before!

~Sister Galli

Mission Office Address:
Sister Hannah Galli
11700 Falls Rd.
Potomac, MD 20854

Sometimes this is a missionary's dinner when you run from appointment to appointment.

District Activity
Volleyball, Easter egg hunt, and egg toss

This video is when they all moved their mattresses out to the living room when their bed frames were in pieces because of the bed bug exterminators. Thankfully, she said they haven't seen any bugs this week and no bites.

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