Monday, May 15, 2017

Last Week in Ft Meade!

I'm using the excuse that yesterday I Skyped home with my family to not write as much today.
Happy Transfers!
This week I will be happily going back to the VC!  Don't get me wrong, I love this area and this companionship and this apartment, but the VC is my home and I'm happy to be going home :) I won't know until this evening where within the VC I'll be going though.  Maybe a 5th White Wash for me? ;)
This week, we've been mostly tracting and street-contacting without finding much while Mario is in Cancún.  But when did anything worth-while come easy?
Sunday night we had a near-miss with death.  Sister Hadley is allergic to chocolate (sad, we know) but for Mother's Day, the relief society provided us all with cheesecake.  Sister Hadley reeeeally wanted a slice that had raspberry drizzle and little flecks of chocolate on it, and, though I warned her, she decided to take it and scrape off the pieces of chocolate.  But apparently she didn't get them all.  (She's denying it right now.) Thankfully this incident only required us being home for an hour or so and not an ER visit like last transfer, but that's still probably the most exciting story for the week.

I hope my lack of words can be made up with pictures!

'Til Next Week!
~Sister Galli

One of the bays in Annapolis

20th birthday celebration

We had a family history workshop, and a member made these cookies.
Mother's Day Skype (Hannah's view)

Mother's Day Skype (family's view)

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by to take a family picture for us (below👇🏼)

Happy family

There is a neighborhood in their area that has street names from Lord of the Rings. It's not clear in this video, but they must have found one named Mordor Street or something similar, because they created this video.

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