Monday, May 1, 2017

6 Months Left! 😱

Today marks my '6 months left' mark.  How did this happen?  I'm still so new and have no idea what I'm doing, yet the end is within the seeable future.  That's bizarre.  For those of you on missions or will go on missions, don't waste a second of it.  From the outside, a mission looks super long, but on the inside, a mission is incredibly short!
Panicked rant aside,

Hey Everyone!
This week was kind of a slow week.  We tracted a lot, and summer appears to be here already; this week we had two days in the 90s.  The winter was mild, so the summer will be rough, or so it seems. As for investigators, here's the scoop.
Mario was out of town this week and will be until this Wednesday so his progress has been put on hold.
But our miracle investigator happened this week and has been in the works for a while.  Our first week here, the gospel essential's teacher asked us after class if we had a guy named Adrian in our area book.  We searched it and saw that he was there but had been dropped in January due to the other sisters being unable to get in contact with him.   However, Adrian's teaching record was almost completely full (they'd taught him almost everything) and he was even on date to be baptized.  But he just fell off the face of the earth.  So we reached out to him and asked when a good time to come over and meet him would be.  At first he was difficult, so we decided we'd wait a week or so and try again. In the space of this time, Sister Spencer (the Senior sister that's over the Army Post for Military Relations) ran into a guy at the gas station and told him, "It's no coincidence when you run into a Mormon missionary."  The man seemed pretty startled at this... because it was Adrian.  On Tuesday, we were finally able to meet him and on Saturday we went back and he showed us two of his snakes, a ball python and a hog nose.  And he came to church on Sunday too! While we were at his home, without us even mentioning it, he mentioned that he'll probably get baptized soon, too.  So I have high hopes for him :)

Other than that, it's really been a slow week.  We're continuing to gut our area book and remove all the uninterested people from it #WhiteWashingProbs. So that's taking up a lot of our time.

But all is well on the Eastern Front.
Keep on Keepin' on and do it more effectively! -Elder Oaks

~Sister Galli

Nerds named these streets

Ball python

I think this is wisteria. It's pretty and grows on a lot of the trees here.

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