Tuesday, June 20, 2017

No email this week 🙁

Last week, Sister Galli mentioned that they had been given permission to go into DC on this p-day for Sister Yang's birthday. Because of this, they left early and got home after their p-day time had ended, so no official email this week. However, I have received pictures via text message from two different people this week, so I thought would post them here:

This picture of Sister Galli and Sister Yang was sent to my by a family from Ephraim, UT
who were on a road trip and visiting DC
So funny to see Hannah as the 'tall' one at 5'4" :)

Sister Galli with Sister Karren
(she was my kids' elementary school principal who is serving a mission in DC now with her husband).
I get these selfies from Sis Karren every time she sees Hannah at a meeting, etc. and it is such treat!
Definitely one of the perks of having a friend who is serving in the same mission as your daughter.

These three pictures were taken at a meeting with a visiting general authority  (Elder Brent H Nielson).
I'm guessing the VC sisters are singing, but I'm not sure.

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