Monday, June 12, 2017

Service: It's Why We're Here

We got an interesting call this week from our roommates.
"Hey Sisters. Our car won't start. Can we catch a ride with you to Zone Conference?"
Um, sure. 
So they have been our passengers for the past 5 days while their car is being fixed.  
This has been a bit of a challenge as very little of our areas overlap (they're Spanish, we're English) and they have back-to-back appointments (because we're half convinced that they've committed every Hispanic in their area to be baptized).
However, a few melted jumper cables later, they have traded out their new 2017 Subaru Legacy for a...less nice car.

In life, we don't always get to choose some things--either because of others' agency or just because we live in an imperfect world--but every day we can choose our attitudes and perspectives. 
Sister Yang and I could have been incredibly upset and annoyed with our inconvenience (and it was an inconvenience) or we could have looked at this as an opportunity to serve our fellow missionaries.  And though we aren't baptizing, they are, and now that we've helped them be able to teach those people, we've helped their investigators come closer to baptism, too! We all have a part to play.

On an only semi-random note, since we are serving in the VC for full days now, we can sign up to feed all the sisters there (11-12 sisters) on one or two nights of the month and people have been really generous and also gotten very creative.  On Wednesday, we made fried rice. On Friday, the sister from Korea and her companions made Korean BBQ.   It's been fun to serve and be served in a delicious way :)

Service is in the air, people!  It adds meaning to our lives. So do it!

~Sister Galli

P.S. There will either be no email or a short email next week as we will be going into the city for Sister Yang's birthday! 🎉

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