Monday, June 5, 2017

What's the Point?

Howdy Howdy Y'all!

Over the past few weeks since this transfer began, I've been having a bit of a trial-some period--feeling really down with no real explanation of why.  It's been difficult to find joy in the work lately.

However, after fasting and praying about it yesterday, I received an answer to why I've been feeling this way--I didn't feel like I had a purpose, or at least I was unaware of my purpose in being sent to this new area with this new companion and going back to the VC. Long story short, through talking with some of the other VC sisters last night, I realized what my purpose is in being sent to this area. Knowing the 'what' and the 'why' has now given me the motivation to do my best to achieve what I have been sent here to do.

This must be how everyone must feel if they do not know the Plan of Salvation: the Plan that God has for each one of us.  To be sent to earth with no clue on how one should conduct their life or find any meaning from the day to day, it must be a challenge to have the desire to continue sometimes.
I feel so blessed to know what God expects of me in the long run (and now in the short run, too!).  I'd like to challenge each one of you to share God's plan for each of His children with somebody who is not as fortunate as we are.  And if you're questioning your purpose, be it big or small, ask God, and He will let you know.  He wants you to be happy and He wants you to have meaning in your life.

Love you all!
~Sister Galli

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