Monday, August 29, 2016

Lucky Number Seven 🍀7️⃣

This week was really cool!
Thursday marked my 100th day out in the mission! 🎉💯🎉 
I feel so accomplished but then again, I'm shocked that nearly a fifth of my mission is over and I still have yet so much to accomplish.  I kept hearing that missions are short and I didn't believe it one bit, but now I'm starting to get an understanding of what they've meant.  Don't waste any time!

As for the week, I have a few cool and funny stories to tell. But let's start with the bad news.

Since Patty moved, we've really had a hard time getting in contact with her and meeting with her because where she's staying now is ever so slightly out of our area's boundaries and she doesn't have a car.  With that being said along with some other issues, she also hasn't been able to come to church the past month.  She's still super pumped to get baptized, but we're unfortunately feeling the need to push her date back a little, so we're working on that situation.

It was also a whirlwind of emotions on Thursday.  The appointment we had with Magic and his family Tuesday night fell through and we called him Thursday morning to see if we could meet with him Friday night at the church building.  He said that he really didn't want to meet with us in his home... Because they found flippin' Black Mold all over their kitchen (behind the fridge, in the walls and floor) and are trying to move out by Wednesday or earlier  D:
Like c'mon! Why do all our investigators have to move??
But on this same phone call, he said, "but we didn't want to move too far so we found a place in the area because we have found our church."
If Sister Minguito and I were criers, we would have been sobbing messes on the floor with tears of joy.
Oh how so very much this family has been prepared by the Lord to find the Church and be a part of this Great and Marvelous Work!

Friday night, a member in the ward held a birthday party for his daughter and invited a lot of his non-member friends along with half the ward.  It was at a state park with a barbecue, lots of room for the kids to run around, very not threatening so it was a great environment for us to contact potential investigators.  One guy named CJ (not too many years older than me) was super excited to be there.  He told nearly everyone--at least once--that he was a "non-Mormon supporter of the Mormon faith," that he loved that the Mormon faith transcends cultural differences etc, and that he loved church history and what Joseph Smith did.  He'd read parts of the Book of Mormon and really loved the last book, Moroni.  He just wasn't sure if he believed it.  He also made it very clear that he was not interested in converting.
Well, we told him that we would love to teach him more about the Church even if he wasn't interested in converting, invited him to come to church, and gave him a card with our number and church address on it.
Sunday morning rolled around and CJ was there in the foyer.  We said hi and such and then he said, "Last night, I prayed about the Book of Mormon and I got all these spiritual feelings so... I'm a Mormon now." We said that's great but that in order to be a complete member, he'd have to get baptized, to which he wondered if we could do that that afternoon.  We told him we'd have to teach him a few things first but he could be baptized in two weeks.
Miracle much?  
This is why we need more people to read and pray about the Book of Mormon because God will tell them it's true!

Despite the mold and impending move, Magic and his family were also able to make it to church!  We sat by them and they all said they loved it.  However, the mom, Joanna, was a little irked by the little things like people chewing gum during church because she views it as very disrespectful.  #JustCultureThings

All in all, it's been a really great week!
I can feel all the prayers that you're sending my way!

~Sister Galli 

(Lucky number seven = seven investigators at church = new ward record = win)

Breakfast at the Burgons this morning
(they are a senior couple at the Visitor's Center)

Service activity last week

Zone activity last week

Unplanned stripes #ItHappensQuiteOften
(I promise I'm not that pale, they're just from Honduras and Samoa)
Their AC was broken today in their apartment building and it was 87 degrees inside,
so Hannah the Engineer rigged up a window cooler that she found in the closet.

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