Monday, October 3, 2016

City Day! 🏙

With help from Sister Minguito, Sister Watkins and I were able to go
with her and her companion to the National Mall! So excited!
Our day started quite early because we wanted to make sure we took
full advantage of this rare opportunity.  So we woke up at 4:45 to get
on the Metro by 5:45 and then be in DC by 6:30 to watch the sun rise
over the Washington at 7.  So pretty.  The colors were stunning and
the weather was actually a lot nicer than forecasted.  I lie, the
weather was perfect.  We then hiked over to a Starbucks for breakfast
and a little emailing.  We went to the Museum of Natural History right
when it opened at 10 and stayed there for a couple hours.  I could
spend a lifetime in there I think.  There's so much to see.
Afterwards, we swung by the botanical gardens.  Something really cool
that they have there is they have multiple habitats all connected, only
separated by glass automatic doors, but they have engineered the
climate of each to mimic the environment that the plants usually grow.
So we walked from Jungle to Desert in one glass door and the
difference was like Maryland to Utah. Nice dry heat.
We then sat on Capitol Hill for a few minutes to rest.  They're
already prepping the Capitol to look nice for the inauguration in
We then wandered around the mall for an hour or so but then decided we
probably ought to head home as we were all exhausted.
We were lucky able to check off all the things Sister Minguito still
has on her list before she heads back to Spain in a few weeks.  But my
goodness, we walked so flipping much.  I'm so so thankful to have a
car and the VC.
We stopped by Shake Shack on our way home.  Those burgers are so good.
They're a little over priced for their size, but the taste and texture
make up for it.
But that was just today.  The rest of the week was good too! We were
finally able to meet with the Wozniaks over dinner at their home.
Their Polish nature makes them very blunt and honest, which might be
hard for some people to work with, but I honestly work best with that.
That way there's no miscommunication.
General conference was pretty good this weekend! Quite a few talks
were about missionary work which will make it easier for members to
watch to help us out more :)
I don't really have much more to say, plus there's little time as
we're getting home just a few minutes before p-day ends.
I hope you all have a great rest of your week!
~Sister Galli

Sister Galli and Sister Minguito

Sister Watkins and Sister Barr

Washington Monument at sunrise

Sister Galli and Sister Watkins
(I'm guessing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial)

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

Starbucks for breakfast

'High School Musical' jump at the Washington Monument

The United States Capitol

Eating at The Shake Shack on the way home

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