Monday, October 10, 2016

Empty Subject Lines...

I almost feel bad sending this email out to all of you solely because
so little actually happened this week, especially compared to last.
BUT, I have plants that need to be watered and pets taken care of at
home, and my mom has told me she may forget about them if I don't
write and send pictures.  😉 So here I am.

Tuesday was Specialized Training part 2! (Code for Sister Watkins and
all the other trainees got their iPads).  It's so nice not having to
share, not only on p-days, but when we daily and weekly plan as well.
We can be doing two things at once.  I'm still trying to decide why
this mission has it so people don't get their iPads until a month or
more of being in the field.  I guess I should just be happy we have
them at all.  At this training, we play a game at the very end where
all the companionships team up, and they can only use one arm each and
one copy of the Book of Mormon.  Then the APs give us all a scenario
and a concern that an investigator could have and we need to use a
scripture to answer the question.  The first person from each of the 4
concerns they have move onto the next round.  Sister Watkins and I
blew through that first and also the second rounds.  The third is
where there are only two companionships.  On a board is the First
Vision divided up by phrase in random order and you and your companion
need to get them in order by alternate shooting them with Nerf guns.
It's really fun.  Obviously we won that too.  (Sister Minguito may or
may not have been helping us out by whispering where the next phrase
was behind  It was a fun time.

On Wednesday, we had a member of The Seventy come, his name was Elder
Bennett and he actually spoke at the MTC while I was there too.  We
got to the designated chapel after driving for 90 minutes through
crazy traffic.  He talked about how change is good and that we all
need to be consecrated missionaries--he may or may not have talked for
40 minutes to an hour solely on how important it is to wake up at 6:30
sharp.  But man oh man that guy can talk.  He talked from 9 am to 1:30
pm without a single break or even a sip of water.  Then after a short
lunch, he resumed talking for another 2 hours.  He taught a lot of
things that I wrote down that really impacted the way I look at my
mission.  Plus, he demonstrated a few ways to teach better and also
how to find more people to teach.

Friday we were at the VC for 9 and a half hours so we could cover some
of the sisters that couldn't come in until later.   I'm really happy I
get to spend half of my day in an area as well.  I think being in a
building all day every day would kill me.

But that's pretty much the extent of my week.  The work goes on and
the days are getting shorter.

Love you and wish you all the best
~Sister Galli

Sister Galli and Sister Watkins online at the Visitor's Center.
They respond to people who request more information about the church.
I received this picture (on Wednesday) via text message from a random stranger who was visiting DC from Riverton, UT.
I received this picture via text yesterday while sitting in sacrament meeting. This person was visiting DC from Sandy, UT.
Before specialized training
After specialized training :)

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