Monday, October 17, 2016

Livin' on the Edge 🏞

This week was super exciting for the Utahns. Look what we found!
 IT'S A HILL! (tears of joy) We may have driven 45 minutes to the very northwestern edge of our mission to find it, but we came off victorious.

For all of you that are incredibly confused, Maryland is SUPER flat, so a hill like that is the closest thing I can get to a mountain. This (below) is the view from the 17th or 18th floor of some of the apartments. FLAT!

Why were we there? Our ward had a Halloween party and they all invited a ton of non-member friends so it was a super great activity in a lot of ways :) Here's what the rest of the property looks like. We were in a really nice barn.

So, random stuff aside, it was a great week. Nothing really big happened, but just a lot of tiny miracles--like making it on time to your 7:00 am Sunday meetings that are 15 miles away, and having random investigators show up to church and then accept an invitation to meet with us and come back to church next week. 

The struggle of this week, however, has once again been our apartment. This time we are having to deal with no heat.  The last few days of last week as well as the first few days of this week, we had no hot water either (they're changing up the utilities so there are growing pains). There was really no solution for the lack of hot water until it was fixed, but as for not having any heat, we did find that boiling water heats up the apartment really fast. So some mornings we just chilled by the stove like hobos.

Not too much more to report this week. We'll know tonight if either of us are being transferred, but I highly doubt it. We get 6 new sisters at the VC this week, making it so that out of the 29 sisters at the VC, I am ranked at number 11 for mission-oldest. #MissionTurnover. Crazy to be in charge when I have no idea what I'm doing *nervous laughter*

Love you all so much,

~Sister Galli

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