Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Festival 🎄Week 1

Hey remember when I said last week that I wasn't sure how I was going
to do with not being able to speak loudly during Festival of Lights?
Well, here's a video of how I did.  I recorded it last night and since
then it's gotten worse to the point where I can't speak but that
shouldn't last too long.

Thoughts on having me type out something versus sending a video where
I talk about my week? Pros, cons?

Love you all very much :)
~Sister Galli

Mom Minute:
For the sake of the book that I want to print out at the end of her mission, I am going to summarize what she said in her video:
- She's losing her voice from trying to talk loudly over the couple thousand people around.
- She got transferred on November 30th to the Kensington area. The temple is now is their area so they only have to drive a couple of miles. She also got a new companion. Her name is Sister Barr and she is from Syracuse, UT. They are whitewashing the area, which means both of them are new to the area. Her apartment is much smaller than her last one, but much nicer. They also share it with another set of sisters from the Spanish program. 
- Festival started last Thursday and it's been a really good week. This has given them an extra boost of energy for missionary work. They are getting lots of referrals and are ahead of their goals. On Tuesday (11/29) it was a VIP night. There were ambassadors from many countries and Elder Gary E Stevenson was there from the quorum of the twelve apostles.

With her new companion, Sister Barr, from Syracuse, UT.

Trying to stay warm


She bought a buddy for her plant.
Looking out her new apartment window.
They are on the 16th floor.
Festival of Lights at the Washington DC Temple

Many (if not all) of the sisters who serve in the Visitors Center, with Elder Gary E Stevenson

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