Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Festival! 🎉 Week 4: Christmas!

What a week it has been!
(Looks like you all are getting a typed up email again.  I have to
record the videos the night before when I still look good, lol.)
With school now being out for winter and the average temperature at
night being around the mid-40s, Festival of Lights has been an
absolute madhouse.
Last year for the entire month of December, 90,000 people came though
our little VC doors.  Thursday night we had just under 9,000 people
come in which was a record high.
On Christmas day alone we had another 9,500 people which was a
staggering, unbelievable new record high that nobody was really
expecting.  That night, the VC sisters had put together a short 30
minute musical program (because nobody wants to perform on Christmas
day) but both shows sold out and were full-houses.  So yeah, I
performed in front of 1000-1200 people in one night. (Stick that one
on the resume.)

The highlight of the week was definitely talking to my family over
Facetime.  It was nice to see that everything was as it should be back
home.  EXCEPT Hayden (my 13 year old brother) has a man-voice now.  D:
That was quite the surprise.  They're also both significantly taller
than me..... time, stahp.

Another cool experience from the week was, starting as a mission
around the beginning of November, I was able to read the whole Book of
Mormon and complete it just last night.
I'm not sure how many times I've read it cover to cover, but every
time my testimony is strengthened about how I know it is so true.  If
nothing else, it's far too intricate to not be true.  Christ himself,
as a resurrected being did show himself unto the ancient inhabitants
of the ancient Americas and did minister unto them.  Christ loves all
mankind and invites all of us to come unto Him and become more like
He was lifted up upon the cross so that at the great and last
judgement day, Christ can lift us up before the Father and report to
Him that our works, thoughts, and desires have been just and good.
Although we are far from perfect beings, we have the promise that if
we come unto Christ, we can become perfected in Him.  And perfected
does not just mean to be without flaw, but it also means complete,
whole, clean, healed, without scars, having no traces of anything in
our past that leaves us with a feeling of guilt.
Christ has promised to take that all away; all we have to do is come
unto Him and try our very best to follow Him.
What a great message this is to share around the very birth of our
Savior, Jesus Christ.

Let us all strive to keep the Spirit of Christmas with us, not just in
December, but all year by remembering that the Spirit of Christmas is
really just the Spirit of Christ.

Love you all and Jesus Loves you too!
~Sister Galli


Sister Galli and Sister Barr

Riding the nativity camel :)

The group of missionaries she flew to DC with back in June

The director of the VC reading Luke 2 to all of the VC sisters on Christmas Eve

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