Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Festival! 🎁Week 3: The Sisters Meet the Sisters

Hey Everybody!
This week, I've decided to write an email instead.  There's a lot to
talk about but I just kinda wanna lay down... so typing it up it is!
We had some really fun moments this week.  Friday we went Christmas
caroling for an assisted living home.  We sounded pretty mediocre.
But that's okay :) We had fun.
On Saturday, there was a snow storm here (but here it's more like tiny
frozen rain droplets than it is snowflakes) and because of it being
the first snow, they don't really have snow plows here, and nobody
knows how to drive amidst this foreign white substance, there were so
many wrecks.  Luckily not us.  But we were told that we weren't
supposed to go outside until noon when it was supposed to melt off.
But Saturday morning was Mireille's baptism and we had miraculously
gotten permission to attend that a few days before.  So we called up
President and somehow, we got special permission to drive the 16 miles
of highway in the snow to attend a baptism that we also had to get
special permission to go to. #miracles
It was amazing to be there.  Mireille's whole family was there too and
they were all very supportive.  Her husband only speaks french so we
invited the French Elders to attend and afterwards they were chatting
with him :)
She is going to do amazing things in the Church.  She has such amazing
faith in Christ and it's a bit refreshing in this crazy world to know
that there are just good people out there.  There was certainly a
reason I was meant to go tract that one street in the 100 degrees,
100% humidity August heat.
Sunday night at the VC was the busiest night thus far with a
staggering 6800 people, the night before being 5800 people.  So glad
I'm not claustrophobic.
And then last night was a cool story.  The picture kinda explains it
all.  But pretty much the group of sisters came in and a group of us
sisters were able to have a really good long conversation with them
about what we do more than religion.  They were really excited to
learn more at the temple model.  Although we know that they don't have
the full truth, I've decided that you can't be a nun and be a bad
person.  Those ladies were amazing people.
But that's about all for the week.  I'm thinking the pictures say it a
lot better than me anyway.
Love you all!
~ Sister Galli

First 'snow' 12/17/16
Sisters with Mireille
Sister Galli and Sister Watkins with Mireille

Sister Galli spent the first (almost) 6 months of her mission in the Kentlands area

Brooke and her family went to visit on 12/17/16

Smelling her hair for me :)

Her favorite tree

Pointing to the Mozambique flag on the International Tree

International Tree

Christmas caroling at an assisted living home with her district

I love this pic! The Sisters meet the Sisters

Hayden got these socks last week and when Hannah saw them in a pic she said she really wanted some.
So, Hayden packed them up and sent them off to her :) That's love!

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