Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Festival! ⛄️ Week 2

Good morning, one and all! I got a pretty good response with the video last week, so I guess I'll keep doing that for a while :) Hope you enjoy!

Mom Minute (summary of the video for her book):
- Doesn't feel like December there with the rain
- They are at the VC 5 out of 7 nights. They stand up in the front by the Christus or by the temple model. They also go back into the theater where there are 55 nativity sets from all over the world. They also stand in back by the house video and where they show the Light the World video. It's fun to talk with people and get to know them.
- They are doing good at meeting their goals.
- They are inside the entire night which is good because it's cold even though it's not snowing.
- They made brownies for a sister's b-day.
- They are teaching a guy named Maurice. Sister Barr met him before Hannah moved there. He took his kids to the festival and he has started reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. He got the answer that he should keep looking into it.
- They had a conference about 27 miles away and it took them over an hour to get home. Traffic is brutal there. She feels like drivers are more alert there so there are less accidents than a place where everyone is on their phones.
- Mireille (a sister that Hannah and Sis Watkins found in Kentlands), is still set to be baptized this Saturday. Hannah can't attend because she will be on shift at the VC, but she talked to the mission president and he has given her permission to participate over Skype, so that's pretty cool. Mireille is one of those people that proves that God is preparing people to hear the message of the gospel. They found her while tracting on a miserable, hot day. Hannah says it was totally worth it.
- She asked us to keep them in our prayers, not for them necessarily, but that the people who have been prepared will be put in their path.

Also, lots of pictures (Sister Barr likes to take photos)
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