Monday, August 22, 2016

An American and a Spaniard walk up to a Pole....

 Interesting how because I send so very few things to others anymore
that I have a harder time starting these emails.  I guess I'll jump
right into what's been going on this week.

I've been getting better at living on less sleep!  Which is super good :)
Unfortunately I've discovered this for two not so good reasons.  The
first is crazy early meetings on Sundays and the second happened this
Thursday and Friday.  We got a frantic call Thursday evening from
Patty.  Turned out her daughter (probably 40 years old) had paid rent
late the past few months and didn't pay last month at all ("but she
had the money"). So the landlord told them to be out of their house by
11 the next morning.  Sister Minguito and I got together a band of
elders to help us help them move the next morning starting at 6am.
They filled three moving truck loads (which is really impressive for
the size of the townhome) and after they had dropped it all off in
various storage units, the sheriff came to their home to tell them
that the eviction notice gave them 10 days to move their
landlord lied to them for no reason.  So that was an adventure.  But
she still is super excited to be baptized next month (if she can find
a place to live and is still living in our area 😬).

There's one other thing I wanna talk about in this email (and it
should give my fellow missionaries hope).
Sunday, we went to church, and after the first hour, a senior
missionary couple came up to us and said they had a family they wanted
us to visit and share the gospel with.  We were happy to accept this
referral and went over with them to this family's home after church.
They're a family that semi-recently moved here from Poland.
I'm not sure if you are familiar with the term "golden" but without a
doubt, this family had been prepared by the Lord to come in contact
with these senior missionaries and accept the gospel.  We mostly
introduced ourselves and got to know them a little better, but
everything we talked about concerning what we believe, they were
amazed that we had exactly what they had been looking for.  From the
importance of reading the scriptures to having a strong community to
thinking coffee and alcohol are bad for you.  They agreed.  We're
meeting with them again Tuesday night and hope to invite them to be
baptized!  Probably one of the coolest things about this story is that
the father's name is Polish but is pronounced "Magic" and this family
is truly magical.

~Sister Galli

#SketchiestReferralEver #WeDidntDie

When using Google Maps to find a house, you sometimes come across gems like this

When your mom asks if it's been cooling down in Maryland yet
The temple is so beautiful! I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to see it every day.
And it looks different every day too!

Not a single one of these temple pics have been edited.
It truly is the House of the Lord. A little piece of heaven on earth.

No mountains :(
(Can you spot the temple?)

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