Monday, August 8, 2016

Hacked iPads 📱

Buenos Dias!
This week seems to have flown by incredibly fast.  Maybe it's because
I really like my new companion, maybe it's because we finally have a
progressing investigator.  I don't know though.  It's just been a
really good week :)

For those of that don't actually read my email and just wanna know
about my subject line, you can scroll to the bottom.

As for missionary work, we had another set of sisters in our ward, but
after transfers a week ago, they left and we inherited their area book
and all their investigators.  For the moment, we have three
investigators that are showing potential :)
The one we found and two we "stole".  We met with all three this week
and it was so good to finally be able to teach an investigator (unlike
the whole first 10 weeks of my mission).
The one, we don't know all that much about.  Just that she's roommates
with a member who's only recently decided to come back to church so
that's exciting :)
The one we found, his name is Sean and he's a hoot.  He's only a few
years older than us and I think his favorite hobby is going off on
tangents.  Teaching him always tests our skills on how quickly we can
adapt to his questions.  He's not too sure about organized religion as
a whole, but he actually believes in a lot of the same things we do
already.  However, we'll probably be passing him off to the elders in
the Young Single Adult ward because he needs to surround himself with
people that are peers and good influences.
The third we're teaching, her name is Patty and she's also a
character.  She's probably old enough to be my grandma, and although
she has a few concerns with the Word of Wisdom, she knows she needs to
be baptized and wants to come closer to Christ.  She told us, "I want
to go inside that temple, but the sisters said I first have to be
dipped in the water."  She's really funny.  She told us she loves
coming to church, especially on Fast and Testimony week, but she said
she just can't get into our music.

For P-day today, we're going to the city.  Sister Minguito wanted to
take me to a Spaniard restaurant and then we'll go to a museum or two.

As for my subject line, on Tuesday I left my iPad at the VC on
accident (I was there Wednesday morning so no big deal really).  But I
opened up my iPad and this was my home screen: 

Gotta love the VC! Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

- Sister Galli

Random building, according to Sis Galli.
It looks like it says Dept of Justice on it.

National Air and Space Museum pano

National Air and Space Museum pano

Sis Galli and Sis Minguito outside the National Air and Space Museum

Sister Galli and Sister Minguito

This last picture didn't come from Sis Galli. 
It was sent to me (via text) from a church member in her area with this message:
"Hello! This is the Hellewell Family from the Kentlands Ward in the Washington DC Stake. I had a great visit with these excellent sisters tonight. Just wanted to let you know they are working hard and doing great things! - Rob"

These surprise pictures are so fun to get. I love it when kind people take the time to think about the moms of these young people and send a quick message. It makes my day every time! Plus, Hannah is actually the tall one for a change. I bet she loves that!

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  1. So happy to hear about your investigators, have a great week sisters. :)