Monday, August 15, 2016

For Lack of a Better Subject

(Figures today is the only day I don't have wifi in my apartment,
right? Thank goodness for free church wifi!)

Hello one and all!

I think this is week 12 because this Thursday marks my 3 month mark 😱
At first I think I haven't been on my mission all that long, but then
I think of the last time I played a video game and it changes to: it's
only been 3 months? ;)

This week we've been killing it when it comes to how many lessons
we've had.  We've actually had more lessons this week (not including
at the VC) than most full-proselyting sisters get.  It raises the
question, what do they do all day? 😐

Sister Minguito and I had a really cool experience this week.  Our
investigator, Patty, is trying to overcome some concerns she has with
one part of the Word of Wisdom.  The Chinese sisters before had
suggested that she get a priesthood blessing from President Johnson to
help her overcome this and we were finally able to arrange it for this
past week.
Since President Johnson is a busy man, we had to wait a little while
before he was able to show up.  Sister Minguito can play 3 hymns on
the piano and we sang to those and talked about the gospel until he
got to the church building.  Then he gave Patty a blessing and it was
an amazing experience for all of us.  I hear giving a priesthood
blessing is the coolest but strangest thing because essentially God
just fills your mouth with what He would have said to the recipient.
It was very apparent that this was the case this Wednesday.
Afterwards, Patty said she had completely forgotten the rest of us
were there in the room with her and she was "just havin' a
conversation with the Lord".  It was a really cool experience and the
Spirit was so strong.  :)

Today was a "deep clean the apartment because there have been workers
installing new utility lines in our apartment this past week" day.
Funny thing.  One of the days, we actually left out some copies of The
Book of Mormon with a note saying "for the kind workers".  When we
came home, the copies were gone #IndirectMissionaryWork

When I'm online at the VC, I get my faith challenged every day.  It's
hard to see so many people so angry towards your beliefs and have no
other motive than to destroy your testimony.  But little do they know
that everything I learn about other religions and this church only
strengthens what I already believe.  One of the prophets once
counseled, "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith".  When I
talk to people who doubt this church, I, being a very logical person,
tell them that certainly God would know if this was His true church,
right?  That makes sense.  If you really want to know if this church
is true, why not ask God Himself?
I think this video is really cools and it explains this principle
really well:

I hope you guys all know how much I love you all and how much your
support means to me!

~Sister Galli


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