Monday, August 1, 2016

Transfers and Spaniards πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

¡Hola Amigos!

I hope all of your weekends were fantastic :)

This week, like I mentioned last week, was transfers where I got my
new companion.  Her name is Sister Minguito.  She's been on her
mission for 16 months and is from Spain.  It's super nice because we
have a lot in common.  This week has been great because although I've
been working harder than ever, I've also been a lot happier.
Interesting that an increase in one leads to an increase in the other.
Correlation or causation, you decide ;)

We got a heck of a lot done this week.  The Chinese sisters that were
sharing our ward and area left for other parts of the mission, so we
inherited all their contacts.  We got an investigator out of that as
well as a few other potential investigators.  Then by our own efforts,
we met with an investigator and he seems super interested in learning
more :) some of his extended family lives in Utah so he's heard some
pretty funny half-truths about Mormonism--quite a few from his tattoo
artist ;)

Today is more of a relaxing p-day filled with cleaning, emailing, and
napping.  It's necessary every once in a while, y'know?

But I guess I've never really explained what we do at the VC, have I?
Well it's not too complicated :)
6/7 days a week, we go to the VC for either a morning or evening shift
(from 9-3:30 or 3:30-9).  The rest of the day, we're in our normal
proselyting areas doing normal missionary things (i.e. Tracting,
having lessons, street contacting, etc.).  My area is about a 25-30
minute drive away from the VC so that takes a lot out of our day.
But at the VC itself, we help a lot of members and nonmembers.  My
favorite thing to explain to nonmembers is the temple model: a 5 ft
tall, 3D printed cutout model of the temple.  What's cool is that
there are only two temple models in the world--this one and the one in
Salt Lake.  So many people come in wondering what that "big white
castle is off the beltway".  After explaining what each of the rooms
are used for in the temple, some people just think it's cool, but
others actually want to learn more about our religion which is
exciting :)
When we're not on "the floor" helping those that come in, we're in the
back on computers where we essentially run  We run the
chats on there and send Bibles to people who request them.  It's
really fun actually :)  a lot of missionaries say they get home and
have to relearn how to type (because of how rarely they use computers
on their missions), but not me :)  I have to quickly type every day.

So there's a little bit more about what's going on in my life.  What
about yours? I've heard from so few of you.  I love emails :)

I love you all!

~Sister Galli

Sister Galli and her new companion, Sister Minguito from Spain.
(This is a really good thing - valuable lessons have been learned, but prayers have definitely been answered.)

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  1. Sister Galli, we are sending our best wishes during your mission, thanks for your time serving and learning. Felicidades with your new companion, they have that lovely accent and the delicious Paella. Your pictures are very nice. Love from the Salazar's